Art Seen: Brush with success — Watercolors paint big impression

By Zirrus VanDevere, for the Redoubt Reporter

“She’s Come Undone,” best in show, by Georg-Ann Phillips.

Although the annual Kenai Peninsula Juried Watercolor Exhibition at the Kenai Fine Arts Center this year holds no large surprises, it certainly is an enjoyable foray into hydrocreated imagery. The Watercolor Group that meets every second and third Saturday of each month seems to keep each other going, productionwise, and I think they have a lovely social time of it, as well.

Although I am unaware of any workshop they have had recently, in years past the group has been an active community in that regard. Watercolor is a difficult medium, and this exhibit clearly shows that these folks have been practicing. Of the 33 on exhibit, there are basically no entirely abstract pieces, with all works being mostly representational in nature. The one chosen for best of show was created by Georg-Anne Phillips and is one of the more abstract. Titled “She’s Come Undone,” it is obvious the shapes refer to musical instruments, and the varying shapes are controlled and systematically placed.

Judges Brian Erwin, of Frames and Things and Chelline Larson, of the Dragonfly Gallery, gave the first-place award to Melinda Hershberger for a “Trilogy” of peppers, and the second-place award for “Pink Pirouette.” Michael E. Murray came in third with “AK 456,” and honorable mentions were given to Donna Martin for “Moroccan Woman,” and Donna Schwanke for “Vintage.”

All but a few of the pieces are for sale, and the prices are generally reasonable. The exhibit will be up for the rest of the month, so now would be a great time to secure

“Trinity,” first place, by Melinda Hershberger.

original art for Christmas gifts.

Zirrus VanDevere is a local mixed-media artist and owns Art Works gallery in Soldotna. She has bachelor’s degrees in fine arts and education.


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