‘Something horrible going on’ — Rally takes government to task

By Jenny Neyman

Photo by Jenny Neyman, Redoubt Reporter. Schaeffer Cox speaks at the Second Amendment/Constitutional Task Force Rally in Kenai on Thursday. Seated behind him are Norm Olson, of the Alaska Citizens Militia, Seymour Mills, of Sterling, and Bob Bird, of Nikiski.

Redoubt Reporter

Buoyed by abundant doughnuts donated by The Moose is Loose bakery in Soldotna and a reunion-esque feel to the gathering of the Second Amendment/Constitutional Task Force in Kenai on Thursday, a follow-up to a similar event held in Soldotna last April, emcee Bob Bird initiated the presentations with a cordial tone.

But not even the stickiest-sweet apple fritter, the a cappella renditions of the national anthem and Alaska Flag Song, led with gusto by Bird, or the occasional moments of levity interjected by the speakers could sugarcoat the overall tenor of the presentations: anger, distrust and frustration with government, and a sense of urgency to prepare to do something potentially drastic about it.

“I know how all of you feel. I know why you’re here. You feel like there’s something horrible going on and you can’t quite put your finger on what it is, but you know it’s there, you feel helpless to stop it and you feel frustrated because the only thing that you can do is beg a tyrant to be a better kind of tyrant,” said Schaeffer Cox, of Fairbanks. Cox is a leader of the Second Amendment Task Force in Alaska and helped form a militia group in Fairbanks, the Alaska Peacemakers Militia.

Cox and Kathy McCubbins-Carlson, of Nikiski, were two of three Alaska delegates to a Continental Congress held in St. Charles, Ill., in November, and gave a report on the proceedings at Thursday evening’s Freedom Rally at the Renee C. Henderson Auditorium in Kenai.

The purpose of Continental Congress 2009, according to the organization’s Web site, is to “determine a legal and peaceful means to stop the violations of The Constitution of The United States of America and to restore Constitutional governance.”

Bird, a teacher at Nikiski High School, applauded the delegates’ in-depth study of constitutional issues, as a way of combating the myths and misinformation he sees in popular media.

“Global warming has been discredited. Swine flu, same thing. It seems that yesterday’s wild-eyed conspiracy theory becomes today’s mainstream news,” Bird said.

The convention produced a call-to-action declaration, McCubbins-Carlson said, that, “We demand that government immediately re-establish the constitutional rule of law, lest the people be forced do so themselves. And we hereby serve notice that in the defense of freedom and liberty, there shall be no compromise to which we shall ever yield.”

McCubbins-Carlson gained the conviction that Alaska’s most pressing need is the establishment of counties, rather than boroughs, with local sheriffs, she said.

“This is something I feel very strongly about, that we need to see about getting sheriffs in the state of Alaska because they are pretty much, aside from the militia, the sheriff is the one who can tell the federal government, he can tell the FBI, you have no jurisdiction unless I give it to you in my county. We don’t have that last line of defense here,” she said.

The need of sheriffs was an often-revisited topic throughout the evening, with the idea presented as a protection against governmental intrusion.

“The sheriff in his locale is the ultimate authority. Sheriffs have ordered the IRS out in certain counties. The idea that a sheriff is different than state troopers is very important. A sheriff is chosen by the people and is responsible to the people. State troopers are not,” Bird said.

The Constitutional Convention movement is a way to recognize the rights people have beyond what current government acknowledges.

“God gave you rights, just as a human beings. He didn’t give rights to a government that they can then give to you if they want, which would leave you begging at the feet of government as a subject. As a sovereign, you have the right to life, liberty and property, and a corresponding individual duty to protect those rights,” Cox said.

Much of his presentation was laced with calls to action.

“Authority comes from being congruent from natural law, God’s law. Power comes from the barrel of a gun,” he said. “The federal government is all power and no authority. The Constitutional Congress is all authority and no power. So we’re “ced with this question, ‘Do we condone a rebellious government and become an accessory to that with our compliance, or do we come together and try to find a way to put force, put power with that authority?”

There are several types of force, Cox said — monetary force and social force, as well as “violent, deadly force.”

“My greatest fear is that they’re not going to hear us until we speak to them in their language, which is force,” Cox said. “… We would be doing a wrong, bad thing if we skipped over all those other forms of force and we jumped right to bloody force, but right now, America is headed to bloody force. If we sit on our hands until it hits the fan and it’s go time, we won’t be able to exercise that warlike force with a clear conscience. So we need to be very faithful with what’s at hand right now.

“I am not opposed to violent, bloody force. I know that is hard to say to a big group of people. It sounds kind of bad but that is something that we’ve got to reckon with. That is a duty that we have as an individual, as people who have families and friends.”

Cox’s force as a presenter resonated with the nearly 150 attendees of the rally. He never resorted to shouting, and didn’t need to in order to generate applause and shouts of support.

“I have never lived with freedom. I don’t live in a free country, and you don’t live in a free country. I love my country, let’s be very clear about that. I don’t have any nice words to say about my government, and a lie we’ve all been told is that you need to love your country and the government is your country. That’s a half truth and a half lie. Those are the most dangerous kind of lie. We need to recognize that we can hate our government and love our country,” Cox said.

Audience members were free with vocal support at several points in the evening. The announcement that access to Nikishka Beach had been restored generated loud applause, as did the announcement of an upcoming firearms open carry day April 19. Bird said the event will be held in Kenai this year, after a similar open carry day was previously held in Soldotna, with Borough Mayor Dave Carey and U.S. Rep. Don Young in attendance.

“There was no crimes committed against us or by us. Guns are tools. Carry a hammer in your pocket, carry a gun. It can be useful, it can be dangerous,” Bird said, to a round of applause.

Applause was also proffered for political figures in attendance. Gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker’s presence was recognized, along with Carey, Assemblyman Gary Superman and local Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers activist Mike McBride.

Bird noted that some of the presentations were action-oriented, while others were informational. The goal of the rally wasn’t to force a perspective, he said, rather to offer up information for further study.

“Every one of you is an individual and every one of you is important. Every person who comes to realize what it means to really be free after a session like this, then it has been worth it,” Bird said.

Of the informational talks, Seymour Mills, of Sterling, gave a scholarly presentation to “explain how rights to our property, to pay our debts in law and to own a business have been stolen from us by local, state and federal agencies through regulation, license, taxes, martial law, etc., and what we must do to regain our inalienable rights,” he said.

Alaska’s constitution is more like corporate bylaws, he said, meant to treat residents as property to work for the government’s benefit.

“This state was created for the corporations to rape, rob and pillage all the natural resources from we the people. … It’s not a government, it’s a fascist communist government,” he said.

Mills’ review of the federal government wasn’t any better.

“We are being governed by the unlawful fourth branch called agencies — BLM, DEC, EPA, Homeland Security, etc., and they’re not elected by the people and they continue on and on through different administrations,” Mills said. “… It’s emergency powers that they do these things. They create a crisis and then create emergency powers to rule over us.”

David Lee, of Kenai, discussed the purpose of the Oath Keepers organization, where members refuse to obey orders that they feel would violate the U.S. Constitution.

“The Founding Fathers knew what it meant to swear an oath to the Constitution. They put their lives on the line. Police and military do the same, and I support them for that, but there have been points in history when they haven’t been true to their oath,” he said.

Bird spoke about jury nullification, where jurors reserve the right to evaluate the facts of a case as well as law, itself, and state nullification, where states refuse to follow federal dictates that they feel violate the U.S. Constitution.” Nullification is breaking out everywhere because the federal government is an outlaw to their own ground rules. … We must re-assert our authority over this government,” Bird said, to a round of applause.

Cox took a second turn at the microphone, explaining the establishment of a common law court and the Liberty Bell system in Fairbanks. According to Cox, 7,000 people in the Fairbanks area have given their cell phone numbers to be entered into a database. If someone feels their constitutional rights are being violated, they can call the Liberty Bell dispatcher, which sends a text message to all subscribers. Anyone in the area is encouraged to show up on scene and exert social pressure on whoever is creating the violation by being witnesses to the event and recording it with cell phone cameras.

“It circumvents all of the cascading bureaucracy and puts direct, social pressure on any trooper or individual to do right by their oath,” Cox said.

An audience member asked whether Cox had initiated the Liberty Bell system when he had, as Cox put it, “received some really bad press recently.” Cox was arrested for second-degree assault March 1 after allegedly punching and choking his wife during a drive to Anchorage. On March 4 he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of misdemeanor reckless endangerment.

No, Cox said, he didn’t use the Liberty Bell system, “but I did have to stand down about 80 guys. Like, ‘No, this is not go time. Don’t attack, just yet,’” he said. The comment generated laughs and applause from the audience.

Cox wasn’t the only fiery speaker of the rally. Norm Olson, of Nikiski, founder and former head of the Michigan Militia, spoke about the Alaska Citizens Militia he is now attempting to organize.

Bob Bird introduces Norm Olson, of the Alaska Citizens Militia.

“We are your neighbors. We are your people. We are armed because we have a common threat that is coming our way. Are you more frightened of me, are you more frightened of the Alaska Citizens Militia, are you more frightened of the uniforms than you are of the federal government — the tyrants, the oppressors that are coming our way? That’s the question you must ask and answer,” Olson said.

His presentation was laden with patriotic, inspirational quotes from Patrick Henry, William Wallace, Samuel Adams and others. He warned that a U.S. economic collapse is near.

“Anyone who looks at the television or has a mind to rationally conceive of what in the world is going on in this country of ours knows that danger is very near and present. Economic collapse of this country is a foregone conclusion. Mathematics do not lie. It is coming. We need to understand that when this economy fails, we all go down,” he said.

Olson said that when a collapse comes, the militia can be a means of ensuring order and protection and urged action.

“There is one more step you must eventually take, and that step is to put actions to your words, or they will be just words. You must eventually prepare yourselves physically, materially and spiritually to endure the storm that is coming our way,” Olson said. “… You are genetic rebels. Accept the fact you are Americans, different from anybody else on this globe. Better to die on our feet than live on our knees. Better to be free people than to be under chains and servitude.”

Bird had abundant thanks for the presenters and attendants at the rally.

“This is the kind of quality people we’ve been blessed to have here on the Kenai Peninsula,” he said of Olson and the other local presenters. “… Tonight, when you’re hitting your knees, pray for the grace of God to give us a chance at repentance and a chance to recover our freedoms.”

Cox said that, despite how dire a picture was painted in the rally, he hoped it instilled a measure of hope, as well.” Every day we get a whole lot of bad news about how things are just coming unraveled in this country, and that can be very disheartening. But you know what, that’s OK, because that’s our government unraveling, not our country. We’re going to be fine,” Cox said. “It’s the best thing that ever happened to us for the wheels to fall off this tyranny and for us to go back to our roots, and I think that America can do it.”



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39 responses to “‘Something horrible going on’ — Rally takes government to task

  1. Greg

    What these twits fail to realize is they’re promoting an American Taliban – do what we tell you to do or we’ll kill you. Yes, that’s exactly how the Taliban operates. In reality, this group is nothing but a bunch of cowards. They’re too afraid to fix things the right way, so they take the cowardly route of forcing their beliefs on others by using the threat of death. Should there ever be another revolution in this country, the half-wits who support this American Taliban movement will be the first who are eliminated. After all, why replace a corrupt government with a bunch of clueless twits who can’t think their way out of a cardboard box?

    • ronl11

      Greg, I think you just described congress as it is today. You could pick 535, as you call them , twits, randomly from the phone book and get a better result than this bunch of morons we now have in Washington today.

  2. alaskanborn

    “forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do.”

    Our founding fathers would roll over twice. These intellectual scoundrels hate the government but are not willing to work within the existing framework to make change from within. They don’t have Redcoats encamped nearby to shoot at, so they are preparing for an imaginary opponent. Do they think the EPA or the IRS is going to march in to town? They forecast economic collapse while the recovery is well under way. They are so overflowing with anger and trigger happy that these wife beaters are a threat to us honest citizens who, if we happen to hold our head wrong or have the wrong candidates sign in our yard or on our bumper, may be harmed by by these kooks.

    • George

      Seems to me they aren’t doing much different than our “founding fathers” did. But it was OK for the founding fathers and not for this group? Our elitest government is too corrupt and doesn’t listen to us any longer.

      • Terry

        Dear George, the world is not against you. Your government is not elite and corrupt. There are simply too many paranoid people looking out for themselves, panicking and running over their neighbors. Leave them to die or starve in the streets. All in the name of ‘religion’ or ‘bad government’. No controls and no taxes. Just leave it to big business to monitor themselves and they’ll throw a few ‘shillings’ to the poor to take care of themselves. Is this 2012 or 1812?

  3. Joe

    Scary stuff, these are the people that the republicans are expecting contributions from this time. Time for a round of income tax audits.

  4. Mr Cox you speak of “bloody force”, I admire your commitment. Have you ever taken the life of another human being? I am sure you have killed many moose and bears and god know’s what else in your destructive time on this earth. I will tell you, taking the life of a human being is an experience like no other. I feel that until you have
    this understanding you should not be in the position of responsibility that you currently hold.
    The human race will never evolve with this archaic and violent mentallity. It makes me sad.

    • bob knox

      No he has not! If he was not a chicken-hawk he would be patrolling the mountains of Afghanistan right now. I guess his wife is more his speed. Knocking her around makes him feel like a tuff guy. These sissies are pathetic excuses for men. I bet Olson was a pogue who never actually faced the enemy either. The other idiot is a teacher?!! Seditious Anti-American trash is what these people are.

  5. Most every one of the presenters – including some of the politicians who attended, have deep-seated anger issues that have nothing to do with the constitution or the government. (Mr. Cox being a case-in-point). It’s too bad that the state agreed to plea-bargain his felony assault and battery actions to a misdemeanor; a felony would have taken away his right to own a gun.

    What worries me is that the gullible and disturbed Thomas Stacks of the Kenai will put this group’s message of hate and destruction into some sort of plan of action.

    Please read the manifesto of this militia and see what they consider acts of war with the government to be.

    How are they any different from those American jihadists who received training in terrorism and then declare they want to bring down the US government? If you are Muslim, it is illegal, but if you are Christian, it is patriotic?

  6. Hugh

    “I am not opposed to violent, bloody force. I know that is hard to say to a big group of people. It sounds kind of bad but that is something that we’ve got to reckon with. That is a duty that we have as an individual, as people who have families and friends.”

    Clearly, truer words have never been spoken by Mr. Cox, who was recently arrested for choking his wife in front of their children on a drive to Anchorage. Combine this with his fixation with the firearm, it doesn’t take a Freudian psychoanalyst to know where Cox’s {no pun intended} insecurities lie…

    • Desa

      Hugh, I agree with your post. Beating and choking your wife is one of the most unpatriotic things an American can do. Terrorism at home is no different than terrorism from Iraq.

      Apparently, it’s okay for Cox to overpower and control ” The Little Woman” to prove his manhood. He’s acting out with her what he’s projecting what “The Gub’mint” is doing to him.

      If I’ve met one violent perpetrator of violence, I’ve met them all. Too bad his Baptist Minister father didn’t ” Raise him up in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not defer from it.”

    • Advenilla

      Actually, Jenny Neyman understated the language in the police report (http://media.newsminer.com/docs/2010/coxchargingdoc.pdf), which says, “strangle.” Cox strangled his wife, “leaving bruises.”

  7. Desa

    No Alaskan would follow a man who battered and choked his wife in front of their children. It takes less pressure to choke someone than it does to pull a trigger. These violent tendencies are Cox’s calling card. It isn’t about patriotism. It’s about power and control, the basis for violence.

    I am dismayed that candidate for governor, Bill Walker attended. It’s like attending a cross burning or a small Nuremberg Rally.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center had a report on Hate Groups and who is fueling them. They named Michelle Bachman and (gasp!) Sarah Palin and Lou Dobbs.

    Why am I not surprised?

    • Lysander Spooner

      I agree, Desa. It is sad that Walker and other politicos legitimized these fringe loonies by attending their silly rally.

    • Advenilla

      “No Alaskan would follow a man who battered and choked his wife in front of their children.”

      Excuse me. There was a good fraction of 150 people giving Cox enthusiastic applause, including at the end when he told the story of holding off his 80 goons because “it wasn’t time for action…yet.”

  8. Lysander Spooner

    “Global warming has been discredited.”

    Really? And this guy is teaching our children. Yikes.

    The only funnier/more ignorant line here comes when crackpot Olson says “Economic collapse of this country is a foregone conclusion.”

    Thanks to the Redoubt Reporter for shining a light on this “movement” and letting locals know what they really need to be concerned about.

  9. ron l

    I think you all are reading far to much hate and anger into this article. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the economy is going in the tank.

    The Fed is printing money as fast as the presses will go to fund these so called “Social Issues”, which gradually erodes the value of the dollar. (there can be found no authority in the Constitution to provide for the masses. Education is not a right, health care is not a right. If they were they would be in the Bill of Rights.)

    I have been gradually over the years been saving things, like old hand saws, old tools from the turn of the century just in case, old silver coins. I keep a well stocked root cellar, with enough food etc to last a year.

    Guns are necessary, not so much to fight the Govt, but to protect what is yours from pillagers who failed to prepare for an emergency.

    Alaska is a long way from anywhere, and most forget, food, ammunition, clothes, shoes, are not made here. It is shipped here. If for some reason, that supply line is cut, havoc and unrest will prevail.. Gold and silver will be the bartering material, just have some around, for your own sake.

    Better safe than sorry, but be aware, bad times are a coming way quicker than our politicians will ever let you know for fear of creating hysteria.

    Look at Greece now…that is where we are headed unless we quit the spending.

    I would rather have these guys with my back, than any of you educated idiots.

    • Paul Revere

      AMEN ron1

    • 8starsofgold

      Because a nation of sick broken idiots is what we want.

      • ronl

        Well if that is what you want, that is what you elected, and you deserve what you got. He/they (progressives) have but one goal in life, to destroy this country and make it into another failed example of socialism.

        It has been 6 weeks since I wrote my previous comment, but look how true it is becoming. Greece is now a wreck, Portugal and Spain are close behind, then England, and then us, the good old USA will collapse financially. All this insane spending, political payoffs to the unions, fraud as committed by Acorn and like groups. We have more than 50% of the people who pay no taxes, and they are Obama supporters, “give me the free stuff!”

        There are less than 50% who pay the bills, the upper 5% of earners pay 95% of the taxes. When they say enough already , and say screw it why work here, or at all. Then the bottom 50% get no goodies. Then you have the riots like in Greece for now.

        If you want to let history guide you in your infinite wisdom, do a little research. On Brazil, in 2001, that is what you can expect from an economic meltdown. Mass chaos.

        Our dollar is now worth 5% of what it was in 1964 coming off the gold standard. Thanks Fed, and your funny money backed by nothing but lies.

        Take a step back further into history and Germany after WWI. known as the Weimer Republic. The mark was fiat money, and backed by nothing. It would take a bushel of marks to buy a loaf of bread. They remedied that by confiscating land, and basing the new Mark against the value of the land.

        This looks like a replay, notice how Nobama and company are gobbling up federal lands and setting them out of bounds. all of them resource bearing land. Sounds all to familiar.

        Again folks, prepare your self for the worst. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if before November this bunch of fools have another crisis, declare martial law, and cancel the elections, they know the jig is up, and the progressives will be cast into the dung heap..it has already started.

        Would you be willing to fight for your country then?

        We will know in afew months..but get prepared for the worst..

    • Terry

      Hey Ron,

      If you think education is the problem, you are the problem. The people of Greece forced their Government to adopt economic positions which were unsustainable. They were lazy, didn’t want to pay taxes and threw their neighbors to the wolves. Sound familiar?

  10. analaskancitizen

    Bob wants you “on your knees” and Norm says “Better to die on our feet than live on our knees.” I wish this were the only confusing part of the message. Why any group would showcase a person who would perpetrate violence on a spouse, particularly in front of children is beyond me? People of faith and common sense unite!

  11. This is the most disgusting group I have ever encountered. I am dumbfounded by these bullies. Yes………….BULLIES!!

    How DARE they dictate to the citizens of Alaska what to believe and how to act!!

  12. Advenilla

    ““We call them progressives now, but back in Samuel Adams’ day, they used to call them ‘tyrants.’” Beck added, “A little later, I think they were also called ‘slave owners.'”


    Murdoch and Ailes are pushing this meme — along with Bird, Cox, and Olson — inciting, inciting, inciting yet another gun-wielding or bomb-making home-grown terrorist.

  13. PM

    We need a rally like this in the Valley.

    • analaskancitizen

      I was going to suggest “please, take them” but then realized “the valley” must be an Alaskan valley. Sorry.

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  15. George Hines

    You sheeple are entirely out of touch with reality. I was at the meeting that this rag has taken out of context to fit its needs. The message was that our government is on a course of self destruction. They have stolen our sovereignty starting with Lincoln when he took from us common law and replaced it with statute law or the law of man. You can not fix what is wrong with our government since they have changed the rules from the rules our founding fathers created to keep us free. You would look down your nose at people who know the truth because they read history and understand the terrible wrongs our federal government have perpetrated upon the people who hired them into a contractual agreement and then make us sound like the uneducated ones. Do some reading and find the truth. We are not free Americans we are chattel with one purpose to work so our government has a base from which to illegally extract the gains of our labor for their own use against us. We live at the behest of the illegal and private hands of the federal reserve. Look it up. No one called for armed assault on the government as a matter of fact. If you read the words what was said is we are obligated to use every means of peaceful force at our disposal so that if it comes to a worse case scenario we will have done what was right. If you believe your government can be fixed through the rules we live under you are the one who is uneducated. Read your history and find the truth then form an opinion. These comments are the comments of uneducated angry progressives and uneducated tools and mules of our federal reserve run government.

    • analaskancitizen

      Please do not claim to know the truth for me and mine. And blaming the paper for quotes coming out of the leader’s mouths must mean those of us who do not agree with you are part of the “threat” and can put these words in your mouths?!
      Name calling “tools and mules” (good rhyme, but lacking context) sounds really desperate.
      I love ACT being there too since I’ve missed their responses as “their Mayor” (‘60% ring a bell?) has given raises and more raises and created positions. One can easily be a conservative and NOT agree with this rhetoric…or be a tool or a mule, so that attempt to paint anyone not joining in as a scary liberal or conservative doesn’t fly.

    • the problem child

      Your paranoia and lack of reading comprehension is showing.

  16. Kalasnoski Nation

    I’m a freethinking, progressive, mostly liberal sometime conservative Alaskan who is fully armed, locked and loaded. Not to protect myself from the Federal Government but from the Northroad nutcases who want to interpet the Constittution all by themselves and inforce their idea of the law and what’s American on me.

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  19. Kit

    This treasonous gun-toting hatefulness and belligerence is a frightening trend. Additionally, it is pretty scary that people joked about Cox’s police encounter brought about by his domestic abuse: strangling his wife.

    I am heartened by the sane comments here, at least.

  20. rainsunoil

    I dont have much to add to the conversation, just Thank You thinking people for keeping these nuts on the fringe.

  21. Paul Revere

    Wake Up bleeding liberals who think they should sit back and let the non-Govt. take care of us all!
    “The 2ATF isn’t advocating violence. It’s merely implementing an insurance policy.”
    It’s resistance-not violence!!!
    Take note of the best comment by “ron l
    March 18, 2010 at 10:53 pm” about this article!

  22. thompst

    A quick look at the “Alaskan Militia” Acts of War (http://alaskacitizensmilitia.com/5.html) make it pretty clear that, according to them, they are already at war with…well, the United States (and, by extension, YOU if you don’t bend over for them).

    Yeah, they’re nuts, and I’m angry that they’ve sullied the good bad reputation of my hometown of Nikiski, where everyone, liberal or conservative can take care of themselves, thank you very much.

    This is the same Norm Olson that started the militia movement, with the Michigan Militia, where local domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh attended their meetings…. I hate to think of yet another of their nutcases doing something similar in Soldotna, or anywhere else for that matter.

    Norm lost control of the Michigan Militia soon after the Oklahoma City Bombings, after he blamed the Japanese for the slaughter of innocent lives, rather than his buddy McVeigh. He was voted out, then quit, then came to Alaska, & now back to his old antics of whipping up fear and hate-mongering.

    Then there’s Bob– “kill everyone but the fetusses” Bird, who has been teaching a truly warped version of US History for a long time, now. When I went to KCHS, anyone with half a brain knew to avoid his classes. Unfortunately, I hear tell that some students now have no choice, and are required to listen to this loony tune pontificating on his alternate universe.

    These two together are a monumental collision of ignorance, hate, and self-righteousness, and all about violence– either implied or outright threatened.

    These are scary times for my hometown indeed, but not because of any impending apocalypse…..

  23. Joey

    When you have a wife beater like Cox as a speaker you have shown you group as one that has nothing to say. Makes the whole group look like a bunch of spineless wife beaters who are to weak to stand up to any power of any kind. Thank you, I have decided since the insane wife beaters are so numerous in the area I’ll be taking weeks worth of fishing dollars spent there to Prince William Sound this year and wait for the wife beater rebellion to calm down!!!!!

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