Tempor-air-y — KWJG back on the air, for now

Photo courtesy of Doug Johnson. Bill Glynn, general manager of KWJG.

Photo courtesy of Doug Johnson. Bill Glynn, general manager of KWJG.

By Joseph Robertia

Redoubt Reporter

While there is no shortage of radio stations on the central Kenai Peninsula, few offer as eclectic a format as KWJG, of Kasilof Public Broadcasting. At least that used to be the case, before Aug. 12, 2012. After that date there was just static when attempting to tune the dial to 91.5 FM.

Until last month, that is, when KWJG went back on the air.

“People are excited to have us back,” said Bill Glynn, the general manager of KWJG in Kasilof, and sister station KMJG in Homer, both of which went off the air at 7:10 p.m. Aug. 12, 2012.

The station began broadcasting again Aug. 11 and has been playing oldies rotations and local programming 24 hours a day since returning. It is unclear, however, how long the station will remain on the air, since the issues with the Federal Communications Commission that led to a year of static have not yet been fully resolved.

Wanting to not only be commercial free, but free of government influence, as well, KWJG has never accepted funding from any governmental entity. Instead, the station was supported entirely by underwriters listeners’ donations. According to Glynn, that is where the problems arose.

“We’ve long been a thorn in the state’s side by doing what it has claimed can’t be done — namely, operating public radio without government support,” said Glynn, who has expressed similar sentiments on and off the air about his belief that that government is unlawfully competing with the private sector.

Glynn said that he believes pressure has been applied to squeeze the station off the dial, which came in the way of numerous and thorough inspections by the FCC. He said that while no technical or operational issues were noted by the inspectors, KWJG was cited for numerous administrative infractions, many of which come with citations and fines, some which could range as high as $25,000 per offense.

kwjgSince funds had to be put toward paying these potential fines, money wasn’t as available for other things, such as paying the electricity bills and other expenses at the station and the station’s board of directors made the decision to go off the air.

If a station goes off the air for too long, it might not be able to return once it is ready to resume broadcasting.


“If you’re off the air more than a year, you can lose your license, which in our case is a Class A noncommercial/educational public radio license. It would be almost impossible to get it back,” Glynn said.

Not wanting to lose the license, Glynn said that the decision was made to challenge the FCC violations and put the station back on the air until a final decision on the station’s monetary forfeiture determination comes out of Washington, D.C.

In the interim, Glynn said that it is likely the local disc jockeys will remain off the air. These volunteers formerly produced, at times, as much as 40 hours a week of local programs, ranging from the peninsula’s only live radio cooking show, to the “E-Zone” devoted specifically to women in music, to a “Just Dogs” show that offered education about responsible pet ownership, to the “Parade of Old Time Bands” featuring polka music, classic country and even bits from the folksy “Amos and Andy” show.

“We’d love to bring everyone back,” Glynn said, “but we don’t want to get everybody all worked up if the FCC still ends up shutting us down. So, for the time, we just wanted to get back on the air to not lose the license, and we’ll continue to try and resolve the FCC issues as best we can.”



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3 responses to “Tempor-air-y — KWJG back on the air, for now

  1. Natalie

    KWJG is the BEST radio station I have ever listened to. I am sooooo happy they are back on the air. The wonderful line up of music this station offers has been sorely missed! Hope to get the awesome shows for Sunday back too. I miss hearing Hilo Holly’s and The Bearded Scandinavian’s shows!!! And to be able to listen to music without all the annoying ads (or government controlled news) is priceless. THANK YOU KWJG for filling the spot on the dial of 91.5 again. YOU ARE TRULY THE BEST RADIO STATION EVER !!!!!!!

  2. kasthoughts

    I can not improve on what Natalie said about KWJG being back on the air. The eccentric mix of music played at KWJG is the best around. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hope you are here to stay and all the awesome programs come back.

  3. Toni

    Was so excited when scanning for channels in my camper when I heard that familiar
    voice. The best station ever, we really missed you, glad you are back. Always nice to hear time and temperature updates as well.

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