Hunting, Fishing and Other Grounds for Divorce: Small stuff

By Jacki Michels, for the Redoubt Reporter

Living in a small town is a lot like hanging out on Facebook — everyone seems to know your business. If you happen to have a Facebook account and live in a small town, it can get a little weird.

Take, for instance, last month. I posted regarding several events, namely my graduation and the sad news of my very best fur friend’s passing. Then, unsuspectingly, I went about my business. On several occasions I was congratulated, on several more I was offered sincere condolences. After a few awkward encounters, I finally I got the courage to ask, “For what?”

Apparently people who weren’t even on my “friends” list saw their friend’s post regarding their comments on my posts, and like a grapevine on steroids, news apparently travels at Wi-Fi speed. This strikes me as super funny because we live in Soldotna, which our family affectionately calls “S-L-O-W-dot-na.” More than once I have felt the need to point out to visiting friends that, seriously, there are only a few short stretches of road where one can actually drive 55. This gets exponentially annoying when someone is going even s-l-o-w-e-r than the posted speed because it is say, rainy and icy, but you are late!

However, my attitude was adjusted when I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed recently. News flash, according to Jenny Neyman’s post: “I have lost count of how many emergency response vehicles have gone blazing past my office today — ambulances, troopers, trooper trucks with snowmachines, Alaska Moose Federation truck… . Yikes. Maybe don’t drive today unless it’s a life-and-death necessity. Because it might be the latter.”

Heck, she might as well put it in the newspaper. Oh, wait — small town — she actually does write for the paper. As a matter of fact, she founded this paper and she edited this little rant. (Hi Jenny!)

(Editor’s note: Hi Jacki!)

Speaking of little, we’ve got to admit living in little town is grand, ain’t it? OK, it stinks when all the kids have one of the only two styles of winter boots available in town and inevitably end up wearing one of their classmate’s boots home. Although fears about foot fungus gag me, I still love it.

Here are a but a few more reasons I love small town life: Getting plowed means your neighbor really does love you, hanging out means that it is sunny and you don’t have to use the dryer, jamming is an activity committed after picking, and the best wild parties often include children under 12.

I think I will post this on Facebook and see what other good ones my friends and their friends will come up with. Feel free to post your comments.

Grounds for Divorce No. 7,445: Not commenting when your spouse writes romantic things on your page.

Jacki Michels is a freelance writer, nurse, wife, mom and grandmother, happily ensconced in small-town Soldotna.


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