Love is in the airwaves!

See it, hear it, love it with the Redoubt Reporter and KSRM

Let loved ones know you care. Love Lines will be shared on the air on Valentine’s Day on KSRM stations. Following are some of the Love Lines messages submitted to the Redoubt Reporter and KSRM:

To: Brian — You mean so much to me and Amanda. Thanks for all you do. I love you. From: Suzanne

To: Steven Fickes — Steven, these last few weeks have been the toughest few weeks I have ever been through. Thank you for being my rock, for never complaining and helping me to be strong. I love you more than words can say. Happy Valentine’s Day. Love, Tami

To: Michael — OOOH! It’s a red light! Here’s to LOTS more red lights in our future!!! From: Rhonda

To: Jim Bass— I love you forever. From: Deb

To: Fred — I love you and couldn’t be more proud of my angel. Happy Hearts Day! From: Fred’s Mom

To: Vanessa Cordova — I love you baby girl! From: Daddy

To: John — Hey guttler! Thanks for working and bringing home the meatloaf! From: Carmen

To: Lorrene Forbes — We love you and are so grateful and proud you are our mom. Thank you and dad for everything you’ve done for us, and for the greatness that you are! Happy Valentine’s Day! From: Liam, Laura and Duncan

To Smish-Mash — You have NO idea! From: JRO

To: J — You are the most amazing man I have ever met. I am so thankful we found each other. Let me love you long time. From: Smash

To: My wife of two years — I have only one answer to your requests, “As you wish.” From: Michael LaFors

To: Adison Beck — Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweet Thing! You are brave, funny, compassionate, kind-hearted, and are my very most favorite girl. Big, big love to you. From: Aunt ’Nette

To: Bill and Mary — Mom and Dad: Thank you for teaching me what real love is. I am honored to have you both as my parents. Love always, The Kid

To: Mom and Dad — This time of year: Roses are dead, violets are goo. Snow melts, hope springs, feel better soon. — Love, Jenny

To: Sally and Pete — Role models of life and love and all-around awesomeness. I’m forever lucky to know you guys. Cheers! From: Aye Browse

To: Ron and Don Cortina — I’d be lost without you. From: Parr T. Haus

To: Laura — Who needs genetics? You’re the best family a gal could ever illegitimately adopt. Love you long time and then some, and then some more. From: Sis


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